4 Hour Body
Sunday, April 8, 2012 at 10:15AM
Brian Ferguson in 4 Hour Body, Book, Books, Diet, Food, Tim Ferriss

Okay I know this is in the foodie section, but I have to lose weight. I have been getting bigger for quite a while.

I ran across this book 4 Hour Body because I was listening to Nerdist podcast and one of the panel, Matt Myra was doing it. Then I started seeing the author Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose on a video podcast called The Random Show. I followed this book for a while last year and it worked quite well. Time to rededicate myself to follow the guidlines, and see how well I can do.

As of now it has been a week, I lost about 7 pounds so far. It is a well written book on how to change your relationship with food.

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