AeroPress Coffee Maker
Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 2:53AM
Brian Ferguson in Aero Press, AeroPress, Beverage, Beverage, Coffee, Food, Food

AeroPress is the best coffee - espresso maker, I have ever used. Especially for the money. I have had this little guy for about a year. It is around $29 and in addition to the AeroPress, I use an electric kettle that lets me put a digital thermometer probe in so I know when the water gets to the proper temperature, about 175 F. I have a Nespresso Le Cube espresso maker and I think this little AeroPress tates just as good, and the Nespresso was $200! Also you can use coffee from anywhere, not a special pod or package. The big advantage is you can easily travel with it, and you can get hot water anywhere!

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